Ugandans Back Winnie Byanyima for Presidency

Ugandans Back Winnie Byanyima for Presidency

Thousands of Ugandans have showed their trust in the Executive Director of Oxfam International, Winnie Byanyima to take on the presidency.

Byanyima, 57, who is a wife to opposition icon Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye made the claim on Saturday that if given an opportunity, one day she would become the president of Uganda.

“I now know that I can do it, absolutely!! I have the ability or even a passion to change our country,” she said before adding that, “So if one day there is an opportunity and there is a team I believe in that shares my vision that wants me to lead it, I will rise.”

This however caused hot arguments on media platforms for close to a week with some saying she cannot manage this troubled Uganda while others were saying she is the only hope for Uganda to get back on the right paths.

This also prompted us to engage the public by posing a question on our Facebook page for people to give their views about Winnie’s ambition to become the president of Uganda.

Our question was, “Do you think Winnie Byanyima can make a good president? Have your say!”

This is what people had to say:

Baluku Selevano In the name of the people of Uganda, I first thank you for your questions. Winnie Byanyima and very many Ugandan can do and give Uganda batter services than the current president.

Amanya Peter She can be the best president in the modern history of our country. She has enough experience both local and international to execute the duties of the president

Oga Ezemoh She’s the best alternative for opposition if Kiiza may not make it. For long, some of us have wished and waited for just that.

Sean Wallace Not only a good president but the best leader Africa could ever had..

Wilberforce Maiso She can be a good president but given that her husband is the people’s love and that he is still around, she will be rejected.

Val Epiyu If FDC nominated her, she can. She has tested leadership qualities at internationally at high level. That means international exposure & connections we shall need to correct the quagmire created by NRM

Asimwe Ruhanga Hon. Eng. Winnie B. Byanyima of Uganda was nurtured, groomed and experienced to take the Presidency of Uganda especially if H.E retires peacefully.

Ayebare Moses I understand her as an eloquently, bright and knowledgeable person. As for presidency, a lot has to be considered especially in this political party system country.

Mwesigwa Peter Given a political party flag bearer ship, she can be popular and winner of both local and international opinion polls but lose the presidency on the voting day. Remember the most recent USA elections where Hillary Clinton unbelievably lost to Donald Trump?

Greens Kansiime She can be a good president if divorced Dr. Besigye. Without Besigye,, Winnie Byanyima is a sorted woman and high integrity.

Francis Simbwa How can one know except she is given chance to prove it, the same applies to all other Ugandans irrespective of background.

Simon Amone Winnie is de first lady of Uganda ad she is capable of leading uganda to a new world leave those one who pretend to be de first lady shame on them.

Henrietta Daphne She could but the route should change to another direction

Rashid Ahmed Sibiya I think the Ugandans are tired of men destroying the country 100% she can be a good president

Andrew Asiimwe I think she can make a good president because she is exposed and a diehard

Mugole Maiko of course she is a Ugandan like any other person let her try her luck Uganda is a democratic state

Muhwezi Muhammad Yes it z time to be led by a civilian, scientist, calm & lady who has no history of the gun & the bush.

Wizy Child in da situation we are in according 2 mi she can manage u never kwon she be luck let her try we r thy to give her mandates

Afulas Stephen Sincerely, she can make it because, she is experienced world wide

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