Ugandan Babe Crushes Comic Omondi’s Marriage

Ugandan Babe Crushes Comic Omondi’s Marriage

Reports coming in from Nairobi indicate that the marriage of celebrated Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi and his gorgeous wife Shantel Grazioli is on the verge of collapse thanks to his closeness to a Ugandan babe.

According to sources, the babe has been identified as Cuppie Ayokya Arya, a gorgeous model/socialite based in Kenya.

The stunning slender dark skinned babe also doubles as Omondi’s lawyer. The celebrated comedian introduced Cuppie to the public late last year when he announced that she was his lawyer.

It was then that the younger model cum lawyer with an awesome sense of fashion hit the limelight and became envy to all Kenyan dudes and babes.

Ever since Omondi introduced her to the public, Cuppie has been christened the sexiest lawyer in the land.

Much as most of the Kenyans fell in love with her, Omondi’s wife Shantel, a Kenyan-Italian model is said to have always had her reservations for Cuppie.

Sources close to Omondi and Shantel intimate that the couple has been having fights over the comedian’s worrying closeness to the Ugandan babe.

The insanely gorgeous light skinned Shantel is worried that there could be something romantic between her hubby Omondi and Cuppie.

“Shantel is worried because Omondi and Cuppie spend so much time together” intimates a source who preferred anonymity.

It is said that hurts Shantel is the fact that Omondi goes around flaunting Cuppie on social media heaping complimentary praises on the Ugandan babe.

It is not surprising considering that Omondi posted, “My lawyer is hotter than yours” on his Instagram.

However, the comedian has insisted that there is nothing romantic between the two but purely professional since she is his lawyer. Cuppie claims to be fluent in Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Luganda and Luo of Kenya and Tanzania among other languages.

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