Real Estate Tycoon Scoops Museveni Daughter

Real Estate Tycoon Scoops Museveni Daughter

Real estate tycoon Ibrahim HB Matovu wrapped 2016 in style by legalizing bonking with the sexy adopted daughter to president Museveni.

According to Daily Monitor Sqoop, HB Matovu was finally introduced by the Ruth Katushabe, the Bukomansimbi North Member of Parliament to her parents and relatives on Boxing Day.

HB Matovu, real estate dealer was introduced in the multicultural ceremony which embraced both the Kinyankole and Ganda cultures.

The lavish party which those who attended compared to that of SK Mbuga, happened in Nakateete village in Bigasa Sub County, Bukomansimbi district.

President Museveni who was the Omuhingizi (someone who gives away the wife), made people laugh when he warned the husband to never mistreat the wife if he wishes to remain at peace with him (Museveni).

“If you mistreat her, you will see me,” Museveni jokingly warned Matovu prompting people to burst into laughter.

He said that he never asked the son-in-law for bride price and instead gave the couple blessings and some gifts including houseware. He promised to add them 10 cows from his Kisozi farm.

Fred Mukasa Mbidde the Democratic Party Vice President was the best-man to Matovu yet the two are renowned political rivals.

The introduction party was attended by many big people including Members of Parliament, RDCs, ministers and high ranking police officers.

Unlike the “Shs3b Mbuga wedding” where guests ended up missing food, everybody who accessed Katushabe’s introduction ceremony was served to satisfaction and many locals were seen with polythene bags packed with food.

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