Police Stole Our Money — Tabliqs

Police Stole Our Money — Tabliqs

By Serestino Tusingwire

Tabliq Muslims in Uganda have accused the police of destroying property worth eight million shillings during a raid on their mosque in Nakasero, Kampala in the early hours of Tuesday 27th December.

They also claim the police took away with a big sum of money equivalent to Shs27m from all the offices that were raided.

In a rare operation that was carried out in the wee hours of Tuesday, police claim they discovered some firearms suspected to be used in the killing of Muslim clerics.

“We found arms suspected of being used in the killing of Muslim leaders including 3 magazines, 138 rounds of ammunition, 1 bow and 7 arrows,” Emilian Kayima, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson said.

The Nakasero mosque leadership has however challenged the force to prove allegations that they discovered arms in the mosque during the operation.

“We want you to show us those arms you claim you discovered from the mosque, we challenge you to reveal that video,” Siraje Kifampa, Nakasero Mosque spokesperson said.

According to Police, the raid was conducted after one of the suspects of murder of Muslim clerics tipped them that guns used in the murder are hidden inside the mosque.

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