Police Hunts Man Threatening Flavia’s Life

Police Hunts Man Threatening Flavia’s Life

The Uganda Police Force is hunting down a former TBS radio journalist for threatening the life of top Capital FM and NTV presenter, Flavia Tumusiime.

The Red Pepper has learnt that a one Prince Ben Hakim Etesot, a former employee of Teso Broadcasting Services (TBS) is wanted by the police for allegedly threatening to harm the gorgeous Flavia. This was after she threatened to report him to the authorities for using her name to con unsuspecting members of the public

“He conned people claiming to be me. Saying they should send ‘me’ money for birthdays, lunch, books am selling, land am buying, airtime and all sorts of things, even claimed to be collecting 45m for a sick child,” Flavia told this newspaper about how Etesot begun.

The suspect Etesot


She added, “He started doing this around July this year and when I got to know about it and threatened to expose him, he threatened me.”

According to reports, he worked at the station and the file has statements from the manager who recognized and accepted Etesot is his former worker.

The TV star said she cannot remember the exact number of those that managed to get to her but about “Five even got my mobile number and gave me stories but all the proof was given to police of those who gave in money.”

The money ranged from Shs20, 000 to shs500,000.

About what she feels about the whole incident, Flavia revealed;

“How long I have known the incident and what I had been going through when people approach me expecting replies I don’t have. Of course someone is watching you live your life and using every detail against you, whether it’s where you work or what you are wearing. When I was in the states for the UNAA convention someone came to capital when I returned claiming to have had a conversation with me and he had come with the money for construction that i asked for imagine!!!!!”

She added in a painful tone, “They are playing with my reputation. 0705667385 that’s the common number on all his posts asking for money.”

Flavia also said that the last threat Etesot issued was last week.

When we contacted the International Police (Interpol) branch in Kampala, we were told that a case had been reported about threats to Flavia’s life.

Interpol’s Chris Musana confirmed the development saying any help in finding Etesot will be appreciated.

According to the law, the accused could face up to 15 years in jail on conviction as his actions lie in the Offensive Communication or Cyber Crime under the computer missuse Act 2011.

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