Map reveals what the world’s nations are best at, Uganda Will Shock You

Map reveals what the world’s nations are best at, Uganda Will Shock You

If you’re a discerning foodie head to Japan as it’s the world’s number one haute cuisine destination.

Want to rub shoulders with billionaires? Then the UK should be on your bucket list. Keen to meet fellow whiskey drinkers? France is the stop for you.

Do you want to meet the best entrepreneurs? Then you must travel to Uganda.

A fascinating new global map has pinpointed what different countries in the world are the best at, according to statistics gathered from across the internet – ranging from sources such as the World Bank and Guinness World Records.

The findings range from the macabre to the mind-boggling.

For instance, according to the map, Pakistan consumes more gay pornography than anywhere else, South Africa has no competitors when it comes to death and the USA, it turns out, rules the world – of spam emailing.

Eyebrows will no doubt continue to be raised as the map, put together by David McCandless at, is scoured further.

For instance, you may think that Silicone Valley and the tech hubs of Asia would have the fastest Wi-Fi – but it’s actually found in Lithuania, according to data from Rotten Wifi. In Canada, Wi-Fi is mostly used for Facebook, because people there log in more often than anyone else.

Russia has no equal for dashcam use, according to the research. And Turkey tops the Twitter censorship list. Change your password often in Australia – because there are more data breaches there than anywhere else.

Despite its prestigious wine legacy it’s whiskey that France is best at, the map claims. The Netherlands tops the list for coffee drinkers and Norway has an abundance of pizza eaters.

Japan has more three-Michelin-star restaurants than anywhere else in the world making it the number one destination for food.

Singaporeans go easy on the slap-up meals, though. It is reported to have the healthiest people in the world while Egypt is renowned for its many ‘heavy women’.

Other countries that won’t be boasting about what they excel at are Peru, number one for cocaine; Belarus, top for alcohol drinkers; Toga, the world’s unhappiness hotspot; Honduras, No1 for murders and Angola, which has the highest child mortality rate.

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