Lokondo to Arrest Desire Luzinda over Leaked Picture

Lokondo to Arrest Desire Luzinda over Leaked Picture

State minister for Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo might swing in to force the arrest V-pose heroine Desire Luzinda for her continued leaking of nude pictures.

Amidst warnings and condemnation from Lokodo over nudity, Luzinda seems unbothered and continues to leak pictures that are beyond human imagination.

Yesterday, the Ekitone singer again brought internet to standstill when she leaked the picture displaying her saggy titanic boob.

It’s from this point therefore that the no nonsense Lokondo might make Desire ever regret her nasty needs to the young generation of this country.

It should be remembered that a few years ago, Desire Luzinda caused malicious whopper stampede when her naked pictures and sex video went viral.

She then flew into hiding for several weeks since she was trolled and the Vsire challenge was the winner.

Desire accused her former Nigerian Boyfriend Franklin Emuobor, of leaking the nudes; for now we are yet to know who is behind the unleashing of the massive boob.

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