Kayihura Defends Raid on Nakasero Mosque

Kayihura Defends Raid on Nakasero Mosque

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura has justified the raid on Nakasero Mosque that was conducted in the early hours of Tuesday December 27.

Kayihura who addressed journalists at the police headquarters at Naguru yesterday, said it was necessary to enable police obtain key evidence in their ongoing investigations into the recent murder of Muslim cleric and soldier Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu.

He said the raid followed a tip by one of the people they arrested shortly after Maj. Kiggundu murder of 26th November.

“Am satisfied because we got the evidence that we required, and it was based on tips given to us by a suspect who is in our custody,” Kayihura said before adding that, “you never know it could also lead us to other cases as well.”

In the raid, Police claim they discovered some firearms suspected to be used in killing of Muslim clerics and will be presented to court as the evidence pinning the suspects.

However, the Tabliq Muslim leaders refute the claim of being in possession of any firearms and accuse police for destroying property and stealing money amounting to Shs27m in the raid.

The police chief cautioned people against talk that the Police were unfairly targeting Muslims in their murder investigations.

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