Kasese MPs are Disgrace to Humanity — Brig Elwelu

Kasese MPs are Disgrace to Humanity — Brig Elwelu

UPDF 2nd Division Commander Brigadier Peter Elwelu has said that Kasese MPs led by Hon Winnie Kiiza are a disgrace to the people of Kasese and the entire nation.

Elwelu says that the MPs misled their people for their selfish interests.

“It is very unfortunate for somebody for somebody like Hon Winnie Kiiza and these other MPs to talk all this nonsense.” Said the lively Brigadier before adding that; “Those MPs are a disgrace not only to the people of Kasese but the people of Uganda and humanity in general because they knew what was happening and they knew it very well and they benefited from it that’s why they are in Parliament.”

On the issue of using excessive force while attacking the palace, Brig Elwelu said that if they were to use the weaponry they have, people would have run away from Kasese district.



“If we wanted to employ the arsenals we have, I assure u it would have been different,” said Elwelu adding that; “I hear Hon Winnie say that we had a tank there. I don’t know whether Winnie has ever seen a tank firing, I don’t know whether she knows it. If she has ever seen a tank fire, she cannot came back to Kasese when the Tank fires there.”

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