Gilbert Bukenya Stages Bikini Show

Gilbert Bukenya Stages Bikini Show

The former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya is in another rare social media outburst after pictures where he is seen enjoying life with young sexy babes leaked.

In a private party that happened at his Katomi Kingdom Hotel, Bukenya hired models, city socialites and strippers to entertain him as he forgets the political defeat he suffered in February.

The horny Bukenya could not afford to remain seated while seeing sexy curvy and sex oozing babes shaking what their mamas gave them in front of him.

In the party that was well equipped with drinks and eats, sexy campusers dressed themselves in swim suits as the big man was watching.

They later got on the dance floor as it went hotter and started twerking in front of Bukenya which turned him on and he joined the dance floor while feeling their soft booties.

This is not the first time Bukenya has been spotted in this kind of enjoyment.

A few years back, he could hire the beautiful Irene Namubiru to go and perform for him, and photos of him kissing the diva went viral on social media.

He remained unbothered even though he was still the vice president.

Now that he is free from any external pressure, he is slowly turning into a party animal though at his own hotel.

In this, he is sending a message to long serving politicians that there is a more enjoyable life after politics.

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