DP’s Siranda Vows to Perfectly Replace the Fallen Nsubuga

DP’s Siranda Vows to Perfectly Replace the Fallen Nsubuga

By Serestino Tusingwire

The newly appointed Secretary General of Democratic Party, Dr Gerald Siranda has vowed to fulfill the aspirations of the late Mathias Nsubuga as a way of wishing him safe rest.

Siranda believes Nsubuga was a man who believed in dialogue and wanted peaceful resolution of conflicts between the ruling party and opposition which will be his first task as a new leader.

“I am sure that I will carry on the duties that Nsubuga had begun, I also believe in conflict resolution, I believe in talking.” Siranda said.

Norbert Mao, the DP president while at the party headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday, appointed Dr. Siranda to take on the duties of Nsubuga as the mourning continues.

“We have announced that for the time being, the deputy secretary general will perform the functions of that office.” Mao said.

Siranda, who has been the party’s Deputy Secretary General will serve in an acting capacity for a period of one year until the DP party structures decide on a way forward.

“After one year, a period which we need for properly mourning the death of Mathias Nsubuga, the party organs will take measures to fill the vacancy.” Mao added.


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