Busoga University License Revoked over Fake Degrees

Busoga University License Revoked over Fake Degrees

By Serestino Tusingwire

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has revoked the provisional license it had granted Busoga University amid a fake degrees scandal.

According to the latest report, the NCHE has canceled more than 1,000 degrees awarded to students mainly from South Sudan and Nigeria on grounds that they were ‘fake’.

The Investigations which started a few months ago has found out that affected students were awarded degrees in various disciplines after studying for only five months.

Investigations were prompted by the South Sudan education attaché to Uganda, Lual Akol Nhial who cited loopholes in the University’s admission and awarding degrees.

Akol argued that a number of South Sudanese most of whom are government officials and generals in the army were awarded degrees from the same university only 5 months after the admission.

Akol therefore asked the NCHE to analyze their continuous semester results, coursework and assignments and tuition fee payments of the past three years.

According to the council’s Executive Director Prof John Opuda-Asibo, the allegations have been found true prompting to close the university as further investigations are ongoing.

Besides the South Sudanese, there are 50 Nigerian nationals involved in the scandal.

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