Bad Black’s Greenhalgh Balloons New Lover

Bad Black’s Greenhalgh Balloons New Lover

Socialite turned singer Bad Black real name Shanita Namuyimba has expressed her frustration upon learning that her ex-lover David Greenhalgh new girlfriend is preggars.

The loaded British born pensioner confirmed his girlfriend Parks Dee Laker’s pregnancy when he showed off her baby bump at the recently concluded Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

While at the event, Greenhalgh, clad in his trademark over size brown suit and a yellow tie showed the world the fruits of his tubeless nocturnal sessions with the slender babe.

The pensioner unusually posed for pictures on the red carpet while gently holding Parks’ baby bump for all to see that he had finally planted a live seed in her.

Surprisingly, though she is pregnant, Parks was snapped holding a glass of wine.

Judging by the size of the baby bump, Parks is about three months heavy.

It was like Greenhalgh was using this opportunity to rub it in Bad Black’s face since she was also present at the event.

Well, it seems to have worked as the now light skinned Black has taken to social media to express her feelings about Greenhalgh’s romance with Parks Dee Laker.

Bad Black has since gone bare knuckles attacking both Greenhalgh and his new catch calling them all sorts of demeaning names.

A seemingly jealous Bad Black branded Parks an ugly babe (Kamemke) saying she ashamed the former by coming to a public event looking like weather beaten dog before advising the latter to style up now that she is dating a celebrity in Greenhalgh.

The former Luzira Prison inmate goes on to tell Parks to stop drinking when she is pregnant as Black is not ready to baby sit a drunkard child.

Black concludes by hitting at Greenhalgh pointing out that he has yellow teeth and that he should make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

“I swear all ma co-wives bafanana bwebati nze omuzungu wenamuloga okuva kubakazi nali simanyi nti anafuna bimeke byoka kati nyabo dee parker waswaziza nyo nogya no mwami wange Ku mikolo nga olinga embwa enkongole next time welogosse nekilala wafuka celeb sagala kunswazza also stop drinkin sigya kulela mwana mutamivu nyabo also advice our man to visit dentist yellow teeth no way banange” Bad Black posted on her Facebook wall in Luganda.

It should be noted that Greenhalgh hooked Parks around April months after dumping Bad Black.

The wealthy businessman threw his new a mega birthday party at his mansion in Kololo where he gifted her with a brand new Range Rover Evoke.

Going by Black’s lamentations, she clearly regrets letting go of Greenhalgh.

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