Apolot, Mubiru and Matsiko win international titles

Apolot, Mubiru and Matsiko win international titles

By Martin Kaddu

Patricia Apolot vowed that the African title could only be taken away from Uganda over her dead body, during the weigh-in ceremony on Thursday at HBT Hotel.

The Hima cement sponsored kick boxer indeed proved much superior against Tunisia’s Yosra Lakhrech in the five rounds African title bout on Friday night at Lugogo Arena.

From the start, the gorgeous Tunisian looked unable to swallow any of Patricia’s hard punches and kicks and every time one landed on her, she had to be protected by the referee as she sought rest in her corner.

So determined was the national, intercontinental and international Champion that in the second round, a combination of her hard right kick and punch forced Lakhrech to throw in the towel as she ran for life back to her corner.

The rest was crowing the “Black Pearl” new WKF African Champion, stretching her record to 13 wins and one loss.

Before Apolot’s straightforward victory, national welter weight champion Shakey “The Breaker” Mubiru had clinched the WKF World welter weight title after convincingly defeating Tunisia’s Ben Anes Montassar by unanimous decision after five bloody rounds.

Alex “The Lion heart” Matsiko had also credibly won the WKF world middle weight title after stopping Khalili Dermech of United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the second last round of the five rounds bout.

The “Reign of Champions” night was organised by Ampropen limited and Pemba Sports Africa, sponsored by Hima Cement, HB property consultants, Big Zone investments, HBT hotel and National council of sports (NCS).

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