Amina Hersi’s Bumpy Road to Head UNCCI

Amina Hersi’s Bumpy Road to Head UNCC

With the Elections of Uganda National Chamber of Commerce suspended until further notice, we look into Dr. Amina Hersi Moghe’s ability to become the next woman to head UNCCI

The property mogul and industrialist declared her candidature for the presidency, promising to grow businesses from informal to formal sector.

Several Ugandan have argued that though she is into several businesses, her disagreements with several businessmen in town would render her candidature worthless.

Our highly placed sources have revealed that Hersi was part of Crane Bank Take over because she borrowed Shs50billion for a sugarcane Plant that never came to pass and thus the loan was non-performing.

It is also believed that she worked with Sudhir Ruparelia since 1989 because his Crane Forex Bureau was the only official operator.

In 1995, she started working with Crane bank on financial issues and when the Shs50billion loan went bad, they fell out.

Being the proprietor of Oasis Mall in Kampala, she got a land dispute with Sarah Kizito of Centenary Park as she tried to expand the mall and yet the place was already a swamp.

On the side of Popularity, Amina Hersi is well connected to several politicians in Uganda like Minister Sam Kuteesa, Minister Amelia Kyambadde and many more.

Who is Amina Hersi?

Amina Hersi Moghe is 63yr old Somali national who grew up in a small town of Bungoma, Kenya.

She is married but divorced twice in the previous years with three children.

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