Vital Tomosi’s Dairy Officially Kicks off Production

Vital Tomosi’s Dairy Officially Kicks off Production

Just five months after the official opening of the Vital Tomosi’s Dairy, officials have announced the commencement of production and the availability of their first product line– MilkMan Yoghurt in various flavours.

Located in the heart of Uganda’s dairy industry, Vital Tomosi’s Dairy was established to modernize and fortify the local dairy industry, with the aim of enriching lives and providing the highest quality of dairy products on the market.

It houses advanced laboratories, modern storage facilities, waste management facilities and high-tech machinery with the capacity to process up to 50,000 liters of milk per day.

Commenting about this new development, Ms. Noa Hameiri the Chief Marketing Officer thanked the general public for their patience over the past few months during which the dairy was preparing for production.

“We are proud to announce the availability of MilkMan yoghurt in a number of supermarkets around Kampala,” she said, adding that they have embarked on a gradual process of establishing the product in all big and medium size chains and outlets in Kampala and Entebbe.

Speaking about the quality of the product, Hameiri said all the products are made with natural ingredients and are tested to ensure they are of excellent quality and nutritional benefit.

“US $13 million has been invested in state-of-the-art machinery and production equipment to ensure that we are the most innovative and technologically advanced dairy producer of high-quality products in Uganda,” she added.

Vital Tomosi’s Dairy has also announced an offer whereby whoever purchases one 450g cup plus two 170g cups of MilkMan yoghurt will get a one-liter pack of MilkMan premium long life milk – free of charge, until stocks last. For more details about this offer  and a list of supermarkets currently selling MilkMan yoghurt, like the MilkMan

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