UPDF Kick Boxer Titus Tugume Promoted to Sergeant

UPDF Kick Boxer Titus Tugume Promoted to Sergeant

Uganda Peoples Defence Force’s Kick Boxing champion Titus Tugume has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant from Corporal following several national and international boxing title wins.

In a radio Message to all UPDF Units, the Chief of Personnel and Administration of the UPDF, Brig Joseph Musanyufu, announced that Cpl Tugume Titus had been promoted by the CDF for his exemplary performance in the field of sports.

Sgt Tugume Titus who is a personnel under the UPDF’s Chieftaincy of Education, Sports and Culture, had just returned from Florida, USA,  where he won Silver and Bronze after winning 4 out of his 7 fights, bringing to glory the Ugandan flag. 200 Countries participated in the world kick boxing championship.

Tugume said he could have won Gold, but he was faced with some challenges, including lack of better preparation and facilitation.

“I had poor preparations and arrived late. This did not only disorganize me but also made me fail to participate in the full contact category. By the time I arrived in Florida, participants were already playing the semi-finals,” said Sgt Tugume.

Tugume won bronze in the light contact style and a silver medal in the kick light style in the World kick boxing championship that was held between 23rd – 30th September in Orlando, Florida.

According to his manager, Corinne Hafner Matovu, and UPDF Chief of Education, Culture and Sports, Brig P Katirima, Sgt Tugume is expected to fly to Turkey in November 2016 for another match.




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