UNRA Illegally Pays Shs1.8Bn to Chinese firm

UNRA Illegally Pays Shs1.8Bn to Chinese firm

Yesterday, UNRA officials were grilled by MPs on the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises to explain the irregular payment they made to a Chinese construction firm after the company complained that the former rendered its equipment idle.

“Why did UNRA pay this money yet it was the contractor supposed to get the certificate from NEMA?” wondered Betty Among the Committee Vice chairperson.

She added that; “The function of UNRA was to give a reasonable assistance in getting the certificate.

“We have also asked the officers who paid this money to bring the documentation on how the payment was arrived at.”

The Committee Chairperson Abdu Kantutu added that; “We need a documentary evidence on how UNRA arrived at the decision that their contractor were entitled to this payment.”

The committee decided to summoned National Environmental Management Authority and the Chinese company to explain how an environmental impact assessment was carried out and valued to a tune of Shs1.8billion.

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