Two Former MUK GRCs to Represent Uganda at UN’s Youth Delegates Programme

Two Former MUK GRCs to Represent Uganda at UN’s Youth Delegates Programme


By Davidson Ndyabahika

The Uganda government has picked Makerere University’s former Guild Council Representatives (GRCs) as first ever UN general Assembly youth delegates.

Gilbert Happy Lwettute and Lillian Aber are at the New York City based UN headquarters for the youth mobilization assembly after being selected through a pilot programme by the government of Uganda through the youth ministry according to the Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi the minister of state for youth and children affairs.


Lwettute and Aber have an extensive background traveling and studying the globe, including the particular focus on the youth affairs in both Uganda and the region generally.

The two youth delegates will now watch the United Nations in action and attend other high profile meetings and events including a number of events around youth related issues aimed at creating awareness of the global situation of youth and to increase recognition of their rights and aspirations.

The UN Youth Delegate Programme, one of the official mechanisms for youth participation, whereby national delegations include youth delegates to attend the UN General Assembly, has been established in just 25 countries approximately including Uganda of the 193 member states.

This programme is aimed at increasing youth participation in decision-making processes at the UN by multiplying the Youth Delegate Programme around the world as well as raising awareness on the Delegate Programme at all levels and mentor youth who wish to establish it in their countries.


Addressing the Youth Delegation at the United Nations head quarters early October this year; the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said that as the inheritors of the future it is essential that the youth are provided an opportunity now to shape the world they are to live in tomorrow.

“I attach great importance to the Youth Delegates Programme. It creates civic role models for young people around the world and brings new perspectives to discussions in the General Assembly”. Ki Moon said.

The youth delegates are expected to deliver a youth Statement at the Third Committee session on behalf of the youth population of his/her country, embodying youth advocacy, youth activism, youth participation and youth engagement among others.


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