Three ABS TV programmes banned over Controversial Content

Three ABS TV programmes banned over Controversial Content


By Serestino Tusingwire

The Uganda Communications Commission has suspended three programmes broadcast by ABS Television over controversial content. The programmes include; Kalondoozi, Nabawalanyi and Oluwombo Lw’abafumbo.

Kalondoozi, one of the flagship programmes on the TV station owned by embattled Pastor Augustine Yiga, is a mimic of Cheaters, a reality TV series produced in the United States.

The ABS TV version of the show involves lovers aided by the TV production crew to secretly spy on their partners through video surveillance.

The intention is to uncover their hidden lifestyles. However, most of the stories aired on the TV have uncovered infidelity and episodes that end in fists. There are also allegations that the show was acted and not reality as portrayed by the station.

The other shows are covered with adult content which according to the commission is not suitable for broadcast.

The commission said in a statement issued this afternoon that the programmes are in breach of the minimum broadcasting standards set out in Section 31 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013.

The section bans the broadcast of programmes that contradict public morality, promote the culture of violence or ethnical prejudice among the public have distorted facts and that are likely to create public insecurity or violence.

The Uganda Communications Act 2013 also mandates the Uganda Communications Commission to set standards, monitor and enforce compliance relating to content.



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