This Is The Most Popular Sex Positions Around The World

This Is The Most Popular Sex Positions Around The World

Everywhere in the world, people have different tastes — different taste in food, television shows.

Even the requirements of what makes one beautiful is different for everyone.

There have been studies on what the perfect man and the perfect woman look like around the world.

The same thing can be said about sex. Yes, each person has their own preference, but for a whole country to have a preference as well is not out of the ordinary.

Women’s Health Magazine interviewed sexperts from different countries around the world and gathered five of the most popular sex positions from “Down Under to the Great White North” — Poland, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, and Canada.

What makes this list interesting is that these countries are all on different sides of the world with different histories, customs, and cultures.

Believe it or not, these three also have an affect on the bedroom habits of the people who live in these countries.

Some countries tend to be more conservative than others, so their sex lives would tend to be more on the “normal,” vanilla side of the sex spectrum.

Meanwhile, there are countries that are much more progressive and more open to the possibility of sexual kinks and unique preferences.

And interestingly, these sex positions are representative of the changing times and attitudes when it comes to sex.

Poland, for example, is very traditional, but with the new age they are slowly becoming more open-minded to “new experiences and experiments,” according to Polish sexologist and pyschotherapist Daniel Cysarz.

Brazilian sex coach Olivia Barbosa says the same thing about the religious and conservative Brazil.

Most Brazilians grow up believing that sex is taboo, but more Brazilian women no longer see that as the case.

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