Shock As Man proposes To Girlfriend with a FUNERAL wreath

Shock As Man proposes To Girlfriend with a FUNERAL wreath

A man proposing with the best intentions was brutally rejected after he produced a funeral wreath to seal the deal.

The man was filmed by more than a hundred bystanders as he got down on one knee at a busy shopping area in Chongqing, China, according to Huanqiu, an affiliate of People’s Daily Online.

But while the proposal seemed to be going well, and he managed to slip a ring on to his girlfriend’s finger, his next move shocked the jeering crowd.

In a version of the footage, which was released on Chinese video sharing site QQ, the man was seen standing in front of a banner, which asked the woman to marry him.

The woman, wearing a yellow dress, was waiting expectantly as the crowd around them cheered.

The man got down on one knee and produced a ring, which he proceeded to slip onto the woman’s finger.

He then continued talking as his helpers produced a funeral wreath instead of perhaps what was meant to be a bunch of flowers.

Those gathered around the couple were visibly shocked as they let out a collective gasp.

Unfazed, the man continued to propose on one knee as the crowd gathers closer.

As he attempts to hand the wreath over, the woman becomes angry and the couple starts arguing.

She then slaps him and throw the wreath at him before storming off.

Since the video emerged on Friday, it’s already been viewed more than three million times.

The incident is said to have taken place on November 2.

On Weibo, many web users expressed their disbelief at the incident.

However, some people have questioned whether the proposal had been staged.

Elaborate wedding proposals have been extremely popular in China in recent years but not all of them go according to plan.

In August this year, MailOnline reported how one man publicly proposed to his girlfriend by offering to put her name on the deed to his house.

She was so offended by the offer, she threw his flowers back into his face and stormed off.


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