Rugasira’s Dream Shuttered As UNCC Elections Are Halted

Rugasira’s Dream Shuttered As UNCC Elections Are Halted

By Serestino Tusingwire

The dream of businessman and writer Andrew Rugasira to take over the new leadership Uganda National Chamber of Commerce have been shuttered after Trade Minister, Amelia Kyambadde suspended the election.

The reasons for suspending the election of new leadership shall be communicated today as Hon. Kyambadde will be meeting journalists at Uganda media center.

Before the announcement, the campaign had already gained momentum with Rugasira tussling it out with incumbent president, Olive Kigongo.

Rugasira had reportedly started moving around the country mobilizing business association heads to vote him instead of the incumbent Olive Kigongo.

In his campaigns Rugasira has been accusing Kigongo of among others causing the collapse of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear whether Kigongo whose term had elapsed will keep in office until elections are organized or the chambers will be defunct until new leadership takes over.

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