Reopen Makerere immediately — Parliament

Reopen Makerere immediately — Parliament

Members of Parliament across the political divide have called for the immediate reopening of Makerere University as investigations into its management commence and continue.

The MPs made this call as the plenary resumed after a one month recess at a sitting chaired by the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga on Tuesday, 15th November 2016.

Hon. Anna Ebaju Adeke(Youth Eastern) said that the students continue to suffer due to the actions of the lecturers who went on strike due to non-payment of their allowances.

“I demand that the University, which has performed better than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) in some innovations should be re-opened immediately,” she said.

Obongi County MP, Hon. Hassan Kaps Fungaroo said that the closure of Makerere University has a ripple effect on Mulago Hospital. He said that the intern doctors who have been working in the Hospital are not there because the Medical School has also been closed.

“The patients are suffering because students who were working in the hospital are away. What effect does that have on Mulago?” he mused.

Kasilo County representative, Hon. Okupa Elijah demanded that Parliament finds time on the Order Paper for debate on the status of Makerere University and finds a lasting solution.

“How can we say that we have interns working in Mulago when the lecturers are on strike? Madam Speaker, let us give this subject the attention it deserves,” Okupa added. “Lecturers needs should also be looked into; one cannot work for eight months without pay,” he stressed.

The State Minister for Education, Hon. John C. Muyingo said that the President had exercised his powers as the Visitor under the University and Tertiary Institutions Act to close the University pending reorganisation.

“The Head of State has supervisory powers over all public universities and he has instituted a team to investigate the problems at Makerere,” he reported.

He added that the Visitation Committee has started work and will report in three months. He then read out the names of the Committee members.

President Yoweri Museveni ordered for the closure of Makerere University on Tuesday, 01st November 2016 following strikes by lecturers over non-payment of their salaries for eight months.

The students later staged a violent strike demanding for the resolving of the lecturers grievances so that they can return to class. Citing insecurity, the President ordered the University closure with immediate effect.

Source: Parliamentary News

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