Police Launch Bizarre Beauty Pageant For Female Cops

Police Launch Bizarre Beauty Pageant For Female Cops

They may look like models posing for the camera on the set of their latest photo shoot.

But the women in the images are actually Russian police officers who have entered a bizarre beauty contest to show women can be beautiful and strong.

The competition, which started as part of the Day of Police celebrations in Russia, aims to find the country’s ‘prettiest’ female police officer.

Among those taking part is officer Kristina Luneva from the city of Volgograd and her colleague Inna Nechayeva.

Viktoriya Krivosheeva from Moscow also entered the competition and in her entry picture can be seen tipping her hat towards the camera

She is also joined by Elizaveta Kadetova, also from Moscow, who hopes to impress the judges with her long hair.

Representing the city of Voronezh are Kristina Shubina and Anna Sergeeva, who both posed for pictures in their full police uniform.

Residents in the town of Chekhov in western Russia will be supporting their contestant Karina Kuznetsova while Milan Erbulatova will be representing Volgograd.

The final contestant is Irina Lebedeva from the city of Nizhny Novgorod in western Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, whose black curls hang down below her holster.

Russian police say the event is intended to show that people can be strong as well as beautiful.

The contest’s judging process remains unclear and the winner has not yet been announced.

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