NOTU, FIDA In Verbal Exchange Over Poisoned Flower Workers

NOTU, FIDA In Verbal Exchange Over Poisoned Flower Workers

A verbal exchange has erupted between The National Organization of Trade Unions (NOTU) and FIDA, a human rights organisation over women who were allegedly poisoned by flower chemicals at their worker place.

The National Organisation of trade unions today accused the women activists under their umbrella body FIDA Uganda of interfering into the affairs of workers instead of concentrating on domestic violence in families.

“The problem thy have faced is the problem of men and women. Workers is not women. The mere fact that the women are the majority in this doesn’t mean that FIDA should takeover.” Said Christopher Peter, secretary general NOTU

However, FIDA has vowed to defend the rights of women who were allegedly affected by the flower chemicals which they got exposed to.

“A similar incident happened in Mukono; for how long are we going to sit back and see these women die? It is in our mandate to protect and promote the rights of Ugandans,” said Mercy Grace, Spokesperson FIDA

In October over 100 workers were exposed to toxic chemicals and currently being examined in the hospital

“I started by having headache and I don’t know what am suffering from. They should examine us and they know what we suffering from, there they can treat us,” said one of the infected workers.

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