Nkumba University Guild President Thumped To Pulp

 Nkumba University Guild President Thumped To Pulp

Nkumba University Guild President, Henry Byansi on Wednesday faced the wrath of angry students who beat him up accusing him of swindling Shs16m that was meant for organizing Miss Nkuba University.

It is alleged that Byansi was given Shs16m to organize Miss Nkumba University beauty contest, but the guy used only Shs2m, pocketing the remaining Shs14m.

According to our highly placed source around campus, students led by some other guild leaders who are not happy with the way Byansi handled the money, attacked him, beat him up and locked him in a room for close to 2 hours grilling him to vomit the money.

Consequently, he was forced to make a handwritten declaration to pay back the alleged monies and quit his office with immediate effect.

Byansi signed the letter while handcuffed, in the face of the university’s Dean of students who even stamped on the letter.


Police was also in presence as all this was happening.

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