New Evidence in Kanyamunyu-Akena Shooting Emerge

New Evidence in Kanyamunyu-Akena Shooting Emerge


As investigations are still ongoing, Red Pepper Uganda has landed on new evidence surrounding the incident where Kenneth Watmon Akena was alleged shot dead by Mathew Kanyamunyu on Saturday evening at game store.

According to our highly placed source in the police investigations unit, the phone printouts from telephone companies indicate that Kanyamunyu first called a ‘big’ person in the police force.

“It showed that he called someone big in the police force immediately the incident happened on Saturday,” the source said.

He further narrated that investigators have found out that it seems after the incident, the police honcho immediately rushed to the scene of crime on Saturday after receiving the call from the suspect.

“It is believed that it was him who picked the pistol used in the murder. Someone else was tasked to wash away the blood from the scene,” he revealed.

The police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi early this week revealed that the gun used in the murder is still missing.

According to the source, Akena’s vehicle was after the incident driven from the scene of the crime to Kyadondo Rugby Grounds in a bid to kill evidence by an unknown person.

“Police went ahead and guarded a wrong vehicle only to be told another vehicle that had to be traced using number plates. This partly explains why its keys were found in Kanyamunyu’s vehicle later.”

The investigation team is still trying to find out why there was no blood in Kanyamunyu’s vehicle yet it was the one that was used to transport the deceased to hospital.

Meanwhile, police investigators are still trying to patch up the pieces of evidence so far received in the shooting to come up with the final report either pinning the two suspects in the custody or clearing them of charges.


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