New EC to Inherit Kiggundu’s Bias

New EC to Inherit Kiggundu’s Bias

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Museveni on Friday last week appointed Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama to replace Eng. Badru Kiggundu as the Electoral Commission Chairman, but seemingly, Ugandans are not ready to chill the bias they have been having on Kiggundu.

The outgoing EC Boss, Kiggundu was highly blamed by many Ugandans for failing Opposition Presidential Candidates to win an election for the time he has been in office, thinking that he was cheating the results in broad day light.

Before the appointment of his successor who is yet to be approved by parliament, Red Pepper Uganda posed a question to Ugandans to have their views on the trust they have in the recently appointed commissioners.

Many people reacted by saying that as long as the commissioners are appointed by the president, they will always work in favour of their boss who is the president, and therefore, it will be the same in the reign of Byabakama.


Georges W. George Even if Dr Kiggundu has resigned, i don’t expect justice from the Electoral Commission. This is because the commission is not independent. The people who work under the Electoral Commission in Uganda are appointed by the President and approved by the legislature which is dominated by NRM. Therefore, the people in the Electoral Commission work under the influence of the government. As such, i don’t expect anything good unless we amend the constitution and have Independent Electoral Commission away from the influence of government.

Wananende Peter The truth is that if the electoral commission, is selected by the president himself, it can’t make any sense of carrying out elections in the country, but if would but voted or selected trust worthy Ugandans, anything could happen any time

Wamana Fred don’t be surprised to see another terrible Kiggundu emerging. This time they might even bring someone from opposition in order to further weaken it (opposition).

Kigenyi Dan Waaaa you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. The same would apply even if it with the current opposition in charge of appointing the EC cabinet.

JR Jeks Ismail Waaaa i believe the incoming EC boss has already been briefed on how to keep the old man in power. I don’t expect anything new…

Ronald Katisa The solution is to have an independent commission regardless of who leads it but based on the provisions in the constitution.

Love Immanuel It could pave way if the chairperson is independent without any party side

Okissa John Kiss So long as Kaguta is still running for presidency, nothing much expected to change

Apedel Hamid Martin It cannot change anything because its Always order from above unless da New EC boss is elected by da People and not appointed

Mawa Majid I believe he has passed the skills to the next person so the worst is yet to come

Muhanguzi Williamz Since Mr M7 is in power opposition should forget free and fair election because he is the referee. Don’t expect anything good in that??????

Adutia Patrick No, as long as Museveni appoints EC Chairperson, no hope for opposition to win. Let Kiggundu go, one day the world shall see his boss’ exit

Apwono Chrizestom I don’t think that can work out either; gone are the days people would work without fear or favour and so who ever will come will have to dance to the sound of the drum.

Wadudu Ambrose we can’t tell whether he is good or not, he was skeptic, ambiguous and unpredictable, his face alone looked like a lie and his smile represented betrayal, his head alone stood for confusion

Emerikwa Sam i don’t subscribe to that argument because at no time has opposition won presidential elections under either Stephen Akabwai or Aziz Kasujja his predecessor, so blaming Badru Kiggundu along those lines is misplaced.

Tumuheirwe Elias Uganda is in hands of M7 it’s what we should know first, but how? He appoints leave other ways, qn, can you deny same bed night for the rest of your life and expect to have a child? What do i mean? Can you deny your employee a favour what would be the use in you these EC you see ts m7’s also

Prince Nkoola Herbert Wairagara Jr. I anticipate that if it wasn’t that he is only supposed to serve only a 14 year term, he would gladly accept a new appointment since he has done only good to the appointing authority.

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