LUGOGO MALL SHOOTING: Killer Gun Still Missing

LUGOGO MALL SHOOTING: Killer Gun Still Missing

Investigations into the Saturday night shooting where Kenneth Watmon Akena was allegedly shot dead by Mathew Kanyamunyu at Lugogo Forest Mall are still giving police headache as both the murder weapon and the cartridge from the bullet are still missing, and no blood was found at the scene.

The Commandant Flying Squad, Herbert Muhangi, said that with the missing cartridge, the scene had completely been tampered with at the time crime officers arrived thus interfering with the investigations.

Akena a social worker succumbed to gunshot wounds at Norvik Hospital after being shot while in the Forest Mall Parking lot.

Police has since arrested two suspects; Matthew Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari in connection to the shooting.

The duo is said to have rushed the deceased to the hospital, before he implicated them in the shooting.

According to a source at the Flying Squad Headquarters, this is a sign of a well-trained individual having shot Akena.

During interrogation, Kanyamunyu denied owning or being in possession of a firearm but some of the neighbors interrogated at his Mengo-based home told police operatives that he has been moving with a pistol and using it to threaten people he disagrees with.

Kanyamunyu allegedly shot Akena after the victim reportedly scratched the suspect’s car while parking his.

Meanwhile, police is still trying to piece together the information and has since called upon the public to avail it with any kind of information that could help.

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