‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchuzi’ Youths Want M7 Out if he can’t Re-open Makerere

‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchuzi’ Youths Want M7 Out if he can’t Re-open Makerere

By Serestino Tusingwire

The self-proclaimed National Youth Activists for Change on Monday launched a campaign named ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchuzi’ aimed at exposing loopholes in the current NRM government despite launching ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo’ at the start of this five year tenure.

“We are starting a campaign named ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchuzi’ in a bid to cause change of government in Uganda,” said the group coordinator Vincent Kaggwa.

Among other things that have led to these youth to come up with this campaign is the closure of Makerere University which they say is intolerable.

“We can’t sit as Makerere University has now been turned into a police barracks yet it is supposed to be a centre for academic excellence.”

The youth added that they were not satisfied by the closure of the university on orders of President Museveni, stressing he had no powers to do so.

Museveni shutdown the campus following weeks of unrest that threatened stability in the capital city.

The group vowed to register members throughout the country as part of their activities meant to ensure they oust President Museveni.

The group said this was a do-or-die campaign, adding they would not rest until they have achieved their goal of ousting President Museveni.

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