Justice Musene Transferred To Mpigi

Justice Musene Transferred To Mpigi

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Judiciary on Tuesday evening announced a reshuffle of judges that saw the renowned Kampala High Court Judge Wilson Masalu Musene transferred to high court circuit in Mpigi.

Justice Musene has been the head of Criminal Division in Kampala High Court and is known for handling sensitive cases mostly murder cases including that of Desh Kananura.

In an administrative circular released on November 29th, the Principal Judge, Yorokamu Bamwine, transferred a number of judges.

Justice John Wilson Kwesiga who has been head of High Court Land Division will now replace Musene as head of Criminal Division.

Justice Andrew Bashaija who has been deputizing Justice Kwesiga in the Land Division has now been elevated to head the Land Division.

“Further to my administrative circular No. 1 of 2016 and in consultation with the Hon. Chief Justice, adjustments are hereby made in staff deployments for more effective delivery of service,” Bamwine said in the Circular.

“The re-deployments are with immediate effect, subject of course to the usual completion of all partly heard cases in advanced stage at the old station.”

The Circular further names Justice Godfrey Namundi the new deputy Head of the Land Division.

Justice Elizabeth Kibula Kabanda, who has been caretaker judge of the Mpigi Circuit, returns to the Criminal and Family Divisions of the High Court.

“The Secretary to the Judiciary and the Registrar High Court are by copy hereof requested to note the re-deployments and facilitate easy and smooth movements of the affected staff,” said the Principal Judge in the Circular.

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