I won’t tolerate Indiscipline, M7 tells MUK lecturers

I won’t tolerate Indiscipline, M7 tells MUK lecturers

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Yoweri Museveni has blasted the striking Makerere University lecturers, saying such “indiscipline” will not be tolerated anymore.

Addressing the media from Kawumu state lodge in Makulubita sub-county in Luweero, Museveni said that the striking lecturers of Makerere University cannot hold his government at ransom and should instead be patient as government finds money to pay them.

“I want to tell you we are not going to tolerate this kind of indiscipline anymore. This is kisanja Hakuna Mchezo, you remember. You cannot have somebody okutuga [strangle] government and say ‘if you don’t give me money now, I am going to paralyze the country,” Museveni angrily said.

“It’s not a good attitude seeing that the teachers were not teaching and were given an ultimatum: ‘Go back’ and they said they wouldn’t, we had to close the university and really take a decisive action.”

His comments came after Tuesday’s closure of Uganda’s oldest University after lecturers laid down their tools over non-payment of their incentives amounting to Shs28bn.

Museveni said his government has been steadily increasing the salary of lecturers and does not understand why the lecturers cannot be patient as government tries to resolve their issues.

He said the University will be re-opened soon to enable students resume their studies.

“We want to open the university as soon as possible so that the students don’t miss their studies,” said Museveni.

It is not clear whether the lecturers will return to class without receiving their salary incentives.

The lecturers are expected to meet later today to deliberate on the council resolutions, and decide their next course of action.

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