Foreigners Must Not Marry Sweet Ugandan Women — MPs

Foreigners Must Not Marry Sweet Ugandan Women — MPs

By Serestino Tusingwire

Members of the parliamentary committee on trade and investigation have cited the need to regulate the way how foreigners especially Chinese and Nigerians come and engage Ugandan women into marriages mainly for selfish reasons.

Officials from the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control who were appearing before the same committee revealed that an increasing number of Chinese immigrants are marrying Ugandans in a bid to easily acquire Ugandan citizenship.

The officials explained that in the long run, marrying Ugandans and gaining citizenship helps the Chinese conduct any business as Ugandan citizens instead of investing in big businesses.

Relatively, some of the lawmakers also noted that there is another trend where many Nigerian men marry Ugandan women so as to get easier access to UK and USA.

“Sometimes, countries like Nigeria find it hard to find visas to UK and USA, and they think if they have money they can come to Uganda get married to its women which will eventually help them get passports and visas to those countries as Ugandans.” A legislator noted, before adding that; “We need serious laws that can make it difficult for foreigners to access Ugandan citizenship.”

Currently, the constitution of Uganda allows a foreigner who lives in the country for more than three years to be treated as citizens.

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