Desh Kananura Returns to Court today over murder

Desh Kananura Returns to Court today over murder

By Serestino Tusingwire

Andrew Kananura aka Desh returns to the High court in Kampala today (Monday) for hearing of a case where him and five others are accused of murder.

The accused are set to appear before Justice Joseph Murangira for the hearing of the case.

Jane Kajuga Okuo will prosecute the case while lawyer Geoffrey Nagumya will defend the accused.

The accused allegedly tortured Badru Katerega to death on September 30, 2012 after finding him with Shs30, 000 that exceeded the amount allowed to be held by any worker.

Katerega was a bar attendant at Panamera bar and Restaurant, located in the city suburb of Naguru.

In January 2013, Kananura was charged with murder together with his brother Raymond Kananura, security guard Samuel Muzolewa, Cyrus Maganda and Jacob Onyango.

According to the Penal Code Act (PCA), any person who is convicted of murder faces a maximum penalty of death.

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