Condoms Now Used As Mining Gargets

Condoms Now Used As Mining Gargets

Lately, Uganda has been named as one of the richest mineral country in the world and most of these natural resources are unique to specific geographical areas in Uganda.

However, as mining takes place in different areas where these mineral deposits are found, locals who work in these sites have restored to using condoms as a protective gear. Whereas condoms are of course a protective gear against contraction of deadly STDs, locals have turned the rubbers as hand gloves.

Speaking at a meeting organized by the United Nations Development Program at Collins Hotel in Mukono, board member Catherine Nyakecho said that people mining salt in Lake Katwe have resorted to wearing condoms as gloves while mining to protect themselves from the salty waters that is hazardous to their lives.

“People who work in these mining areas are too poor that some of them even use super glue to cover their wounds before entering the salty waters. They spend all day long in the water and this is a very risky venture since salt is unfriendly to the skin,” Nyakecho said.

Apparently, children have dropped out of school to join their parents in the mines since it has become the only source of income.

“There is need for government to intervene to address and sensitise locals on the danger of salt mining and the importance of agriculture and education among others,” Nyakecho said.

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