Chameleone Hints at Concert Next Year

Chameleone Hints at Concert Next Year

After cancelling his concert for this year, singer Jose Chameleone seems ready to entertain his fans as he has hinted at the prospect of holding one next year.

Reports suggest that Chameleone intends to stage what he has termed as a legendary show for his fans early next year though no specific date has been fixed yet.

It should be noted that the ‘Bwerere’ singer controversially called off his concert that was supposed to take place in March.

It was said that the singer feared the show would flop after his participation in the infamous ‘Tubonga Nawe’ project late last year.

Chameleone was part of the twelve artistes that composed ‘Tubonga Nawe’, a song that advocated for President Museveni’s extended term in office.

However, the fans were least pleased with the artistes and called a boycott for all shows staged by the twelve singers.

Looks like the self-styled music doctor has put all that behind him and is ready to once again hold a concert.

According to close sources, the pencil thin singer’s concert will be dubbed ‘The Return of a Legend’.

His concert last year at the Kampala Serena Hotel was a flop compared to his previous shows.

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