Besigye Risks Life on Boda Boda without Helmet

Besigye Risks Life on Boda Boda without Helmet

The self-proclaimed peoples’ president Dr. Kizza Besigye has this afternoon decided to risk his life by traveling on a boda boda from his home in Kasangati to Kampala without putting on a helmet.

This happened after police allegedly blocked his car as he was trying to leave his home to a meeting in Kampala, which prompted him to abandon the car and walk to the nearby boda boda stage, leaving the empty car in the hands of police.


However, by doing this, Besigye was at risk of the highest order since it is encouraged by Traffic Police that whoever travels by boda boda should put on a helmet as a preventive measure.

The worst part of it was that even the boda boda rider had no helmet with him.

Traffic police is soon bringing on board another rule which will make it a must for every motorcycle rider to be having two helmets at a time; one for the cyclist and another for the passenger.


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