Besigye Reveals Why He Used Boda Boda

Besigye Reveals Why He Used Boda Boda

The self-proclaimed Peoples president Rtd Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye yesterday shocked the nation when he decided to walk until he got a boda boda which he used to travel from Kasangati to Kampala, moreover with no helmet.

Besigye was prompted to do so when police blocked his car while he attempted to leave his home.

The police claims that he always causes chaos every time he steps in the city.

Besigye last evening tweeted; “When they block the vehicle from leaving home, I use other means!! We win by DEFIANCE!! This impunity will end.”

The King of defiance has always vowed not to bow down to any one when he feels he has to do something, and is determined to stick on defiance until he overthrows Museveni’s government.

However, the police are also determined to use their powers given to the by the constitution to bring down Besigye’s defiance campaign.

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