UNATU Quashes UNEB Report On Incompetence Of Teachers

UNATU Quashes UNEB Report On Incompetence Of Teachers

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) has accused the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), of publishing false information about the competencies of teachers.

The Union officials dismissed findings of a 2015 report carried out by UNEB, which indicated that 80% of primary school teachers can neither read nor solve primary level mathematics.

The report, known as the National Assessment of Progress in Education, has however been dismissed as flawed by the UNATU, but UNEB maintains that its research was accurate.

UNATU has also refuted the report findings that suggested that teachers showed a pattern of massive failure.

UNEB’s spokesperson Hamis Kaheru, says that the problem stems from the admission of teachers with poor grades and wants the government to find a solution to the massive failure of teachers before it gets out of hand.

Meanwhile, UNATU officials have urged teachers to stay away from class and celebrate the internationally world teacher’s day (today), though the Ministry was not ready to have it celebrated.

In 1994, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization declared the 5th of October the World Teachers Day to celebrate the contribution made by teachers globally.

Teachers around the world celebrate the day but it is not a public holiday in Uganda.

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