Stop dating bar attendants — Catholic Bishop

Stop dating bar attendants — Catholic Bishop

By Serestino Tusingwire

The retired bishop of Lugazi diocese Mathias Sekamanya has warned Ugandans most especially horny men to stop dating bar attendants because they are dangerous.

Bishop Sekamanya who was leading mass on Sunday at St Francis cathedral in Nyenga Parish Lugazi diocese called upon all religious leaders to start preaching on the dangers of side dishes and fornication.

“Fornication and side dishes have destroyed the holly marriage more so in our catholic churches. So I call upon each and every Ugandan to pray for this habit such that it does not develop in this young generation” Bishop Sekamanya said.

“Fornication and side dishes is one of the reasons why most of our people and the nation are still poor because much money is spent in buying drugs mostly the drugs for Sexually transmitted disease and infections so I call upon every Ugandan and organization to fight these two evils.” He said.

The Bishop also cautioned politicians most especially the MPs who spend time in bars instead of grooming their children, to stop the vice.

On the same occasion Bishop Sekamanya wedded forty nine couples and one hundred thirty nine children achieved their confirmation in the catholic faith.

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