Stella Nankya Goes Braless

Stella Nankya Goes Braless

Stella Nankya, a Ugandan Model based in South Africa caused scrotal eruptions among several guys when she went braless.

Despite the dipping temperatures in Johannesburg, Stella Nankya opted to go braless, leaving little to the imagination in one of her StarQt (*Qt) red dress as seen in the picture.


In the Pictures that were exclusively obtained by our snoops, Stella is seen posing for the Camera in what appeared to be a StarQt fashion photoshoot.

The Starqt model certainly turned heads, coming dangerously close to a wardrobe malfunction in a daring cut-out red dress at a photoshoot.


Stella Nankya’s latest fashion masterpiece highlighted her other assets. I’m talking about her thighs, which could be seen since she was donning a short red dress.


Oh, and her girls at the photoshoot were looking lovely as well underneath her see-through lace tunic, sans bra.

She looks like a walking dessert. Clearly, she’s drawing inspiration


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