Oulanyah Is Fighting Me — Kadaga

Oulanyah Is Fighting Me — Kadaga

By serestino tusingwire

Speaker of parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has revealed the hatred deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah is having for her, but says she is not fazed and is ready to overcome it.

Kadaga accuses Oulanyah of deliberately trying to portray her as a non-performer in a bid to undermine her.

She says Oulanyah started hating following his defeat on speakership of the 10th parliament.

“Oulanyah wanted to be speaker and i defeated him [on June 19]. Since then, he has not stopped fighting me. He fueled his fight by putting Ssekitoleko’s age limit bill on the order paper. After it became hot for him, he ran to Gulu,” Kadaga said.

Kadaga hit out at Oulanyah on September 25 during a morning talk-show on Bilal FM called “Amagezi Muliro” (knowledge is fire), a weekly Programme hosted by Kalumba Butanaziba.

The order paper is an official schedule of parliamentary business on a given day.

The speaker said she had to throw out the bill because two of its seconders failed to justify its importance.

“When i refused him to go to the UNAA convention, i met him on the plane already moving with some MPs, who were also not on the official list of those going. He is still fighting me because i defeated him in the speaker’s race. Oulanyah, assisted by an invisible hand, wants to create a picture that parliament is not working, but i know how to deal with this situation,” Kadaga concluded.

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