NRM Speaks Out On Age-Limit Survey Report

By Serestino Tusingwire

The NRM secretariat has angrily responded to survey findings showing that 73% of Members of Parliament do not support amending the constitution to eliminating the age limit for aspiring presidential candidates.

According to the survey report released by Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy (CCEDU) this week, among the NRM MPs who were interviewed, 65 per cent indicated that they would not support such an amendment.

Responding to the findings of the survey on Thursday, NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba, said “it is premature” to conduct such surveys. She cautioned the pollsters to “stop putting the country in a political mood.”

“We expect CCEDU to be concentrating on making NRM deliver on what we promised the country in our [election] manifesto,” she added.

Much as parliament will have the final say on the age limit issue, Lumumba said, the specific question on the lifting of the presidential age limits is a matter to be determined by the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC).

However, some prominent NRM leaders are already pushing for the amendment of Article 102(b) to remove the upper age cap of 75 years for anyone aspiring to be president.

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