Cindy Roasted On Social Media For Over Supplying Her Titanic Bean To Different Tormentors

Cindy Roasted On Social Media For Over Supplying Her Titanic Bean To Different Tormentors

Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy has been roasted on social media platforms especially Facebook following her leaked photos with a new lover while in Obama recently.

It is reported that the Ndi Mukodo singer got herself a new bean tormentor only identified as Chris Adams who stays in the United States of America.

Cindy with new lover Chris Adams


Cindy is bashed for being a failure in many relationships she has attempted to be in which shows she is just a go getter and looks for other things apart from love.

Cindy who returned recently from a USA tour enjoyed numerous bonking sessions while there and the leaked images speak beyond our imagination.

Cindy divorced the Italian father of her child Romain and just a few months after the breakup, she hooked Sangoma Ken of former Kansanga based Deboss bar.

Cindy's with Ken Muyiisa
Cindy’s with Ken Muyiisa


Our yesterday’s story, cindy-gets-new-tormentor-of-her-gigantic-bean/ attracted a lot of comments from our readers who had a chance to say all they feel about this Nkoye Amateeka singer.

Check Comments;

Welborn Gangpar Well,after all the pounding from different whoppers it’s no longer a bean it’s a coconut that this unfortunate young man will have to crack .i wish him good luck on his journey to being the first man to break a coconut with just a whopper.

Tumwesige Julius From there is where they can only get people who can go with scraps not here in Uganda with people of sound mind

Pamela Lubuga Era eno ebean eri gigantic kulwo kugizunza wano nawali. I wonder what they will tell their children when are grownups.

Ebong Tonny The bible says use what you have to get what you don’t have. Let her use her vagina to get the penis. Ugandan musician hahaha hahaha

Kayiira Kamya Every year a new man naye Ugandan musicians.

Ngabo Gilbert But he has to escape also

Edwin Kanyihamba Is that gigantic bean waterly

Phabert Monica Oba number what now!!!!

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