Chameleon’s father-law passes on

Chameleon’s father-law passes on

By Serestino Tusingwire

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon’s father in-law has passed on this morning following a long battle with cancer.

Fr. John Scalabrini, 82, of Bbina Church who is Daniela Atim’s foster father was known to have transformed a lot of lives in Luzira and other surrounding areas.

He lived an inspirational life, built schools, a hospital, and a football stadium but hasn’t lived long enough to see his University start.

He’s mostly remembered to have rescued Jose Chameleon from Tanzania years back when he was involved in an accident that almost claimed his life.

It was Father John who sent a chopper to Tanzania to transport the artiste back home for treatment.

About Father John Scalabrini

Father John Scalabrini, for all Father John, born in 1934, is an Italian missionary born in Limido Comasco who lived and worked in Uganda since 1964 and with the Ugandans suffered and shared the tragic history of this country.

He lived for about thirty years in northern Uganda, among the people of Acholi tribe: he built schools in the villages, has taught people to cultivate maize and installed to get the flour mills.

In 1969 he became in effect a priest African, at the behest of his bishop Cyprian Kihangire, which years later would dedicate our schools in Kampala.


Father John has believed from the beginning in the importance of the school as an instrument of growth, for the cultural and social development of the country: built kindergartens, schools and colleges, has always supported in studies needy children, especially orphans.

This effort cost him dearly: he was expelled twice from Uganda by dictator Amin in 1975 and the current President Museveni of Uganda in 1988.

The indictment was the same in both cases: to contribute, with education, to enhance future opponents of the regime.

Back in Uganda Father John has established its mission in the capital Kampala, to Luzira, a suburb and poor.

And there he started over his work.

Since 1989 he built in his mission a high school with college, a primary school, two kindergartens, a carpentry shop, a carpentry and other laboratories to give employment to the local people, a hospital, several churches, a school for orphans.

In its mission has always been home to orphaned girls who otherwise would live in the middle of a road.

Since 2000 ITALY UGANDA Onlus is at his side in all its initiatives in favor of the people of Uganda.

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