Burundi Cabinet Votes To Quit ICC

Burundi Cabinet Votes To Quit ICC

Burundi’s government says it wants to pull out of the International Criminal Court.

The cabinet made the decision last night, the Reuters news agency reports.

It is six months after the ICC prosecutor said her office would investigate last year’s violence in which hundreds of people died.

Political turmoil followed the announcement in April 2015 that President Pierre Nkurunziza would run for a third term.

The country’s parliament will have to pass a bill to legalise the withdrawal.

Vice-President Gaston Sindimwo said his government was not worried that the decision would lead to international isolation.

He added that Burundi is ready to face any consequences of its decision.

“You know we may be isolated, but it’s fine with us if it is the case at least we will be enjoying our freedom. How many countries did not ratify this convention? Are they isolated? The United States, Russia, China, and many others and even some neighbouring countries that did not!”

Withdrawal from the ICC has been discussed by the African Union and heads of state supported a Kenyan proposal earlier this year to look at ways to do this.

They said that the court unfairly targets African countries.


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