Beti Kamya Reveals New M7 Secrets, Backs President To Reclaim K’la

Beti Kamya Reveals New M7 Secrets, Backs President To Reclaim K’la

By Serestino Tusingwire

Uganda’s minister in charge of Kampala, Beti Kamya, has said President Museveni is the most patient and hard pushing person she has ever known in all her life.

“If it were not for that patience, I would not be working with him,” she said.

“He tried to bring me to NRM a long time ago, but even when I caused him a lot of headache by constantly turning him down, he never gave up. Now I am here and working with him.”

Kamya believes it’s that quality that has kept the president ahead of his opponents, making him the longest occupant of State House.

Kamya who has been traveling with the president around Kampala as he seeks to win back support from the Opposition says she has seen enough to conclude that despite the decimal showing in the February general elections, NRM is beginning to regain its foothold in Kampala.

She said by joining president in June, she has helped open up the eyes of many people in Opposition in Kampala and many people are abandoning the Opposition for NRM.

“Many leaders were leading people astray, but we have opened their eyes,” she said, adding that the president would garner over 80% of the total vote in Kampala if he contested in 2021.

Under the current constitution, president Museveni is barred from contesting in a presidential election unless the constitution is changed to remove the age limit.

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