Be aware of Baboon Muchomo in Kafu — UWA boss

Be aware of Baboon Muchomo in Kafu — UWA boss

By Serestino Tusingwire

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has warned travelers who like buying roasted meat along highways to be cautious of what they are eating.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, Dr. Andrew Seguya, the UWA Executive Director said a number of times, they have arrested and prosecuted people selling Baboon meat in Kafu claiming that it is Antelope or other game meat to unsuspecting travelers.

“People must be careful with what they eat on the way. These people slaughter Baboons and calves which they smear with blood to make the meat appear dark like game meat,” he said.

Many people mostly those traveling long distances enjoy eating roadside meat due to the fact that they find themselves hungry yet they can’t get time to go for restaurant food.

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