Banning Sexuality Education Is Disastrous – Maj. Ruranga

Banning Sexuality Education Is Disastrous – Maj. Ruranga

By Serestino Tusingwire

Many health activists including Maj Rubaramira Ruranga have condemned government on banning sexuality education in schools, saying the decision was hurriedly made.

Maj Ruranga, a commissioner for AIDS Information Centre, has described the government decree on sexuality education made on Thursday as disastrous to the efforts towards the fight against HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B and early pregnancy.

“I would like to tell government that making laws trying to stop children from learning who they are is creating a disaster. The idea of banning sexuality education is a bad one and disastrous,” Maj Ruranga said.

He made the remarks at during Reach A Hand Uganda’s (RAHU) annual intergenerational dialogue on Sexuality and Reproduction Health Rights (SRH) in Kampala on Saturday.

The dialogue attracted over 3,000 youths and students across the country who also expressed dissatisfaction against the banning of sexuality education in schools.

Collins Mbulakyalo, Head boy of Bishop Cyprian Kihangire Secondary School, said several of his colleagues always ask questions regarding SRH which need immediate answers.

“I think banning sexuality education is not good. Personally, I have always experienced several body changes that could make me think negatively. I have been helped by teachers with knowledge on sexuality education,” Mbulakyalo said.

A recent study by Daily Monitor revealed that over 100 schools had been duped into training disguised homosexuality to their teachers and students, which forced the government decided to put an end to sexuality education in schools.


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